About Us

Celebration Of Space


Makemycasa at its core will inspire and innovate every space it designs. Our vision is to become one-stop service provider for all interior needs across all geography.


Creativity – we believe creativity is more than being different. Creativity is all about connect the unconnected Collaboration – Collaboration is the key to our success. No client journey or brief is the same and our aim is to ensure that both the outcome and experience is specific. We consider each project passionately and believe in what we do. Enhancement – we believe enriching your space has the power to improve your life Authenticity – we believe unique ideas is something that comes from within you. It’s not what it looks like but what it feels like Heart – we believe that home is where the heart is


At present, high service costs and an intimidating sense of the unknown have often put off potential clients from enlisting an Architect/ Interior designer. We at Makemycasa, now aim to bring the profession into the digital age and entice a whole new clientele. Makemycasa makes easy and fun to renovate, modernize, and organize spaces at realistic budget.

Who we are:

We are a passionate team of Architects, Interior Designers and techno geeks dedicated to change the rules of interior design industry, that enables more people to translate their dreams of Ideal space into a reality. Our backgrounds are diverse, but we’re united by a common mission.