Decoupage Furnitures in Home Décor

Furniture being the essence of Home Décor could either make things or break things. One bad piece of Furniture and all your efforts, the harmony which you tried to create while Designing your Interiors could look perturbed. Decoupage Furnitures are considered suitable for rooms, both with plain walls and/or with filling wallpapers. If you are new to the Idea of Decoupaging Furniture or if you have never tried Decoupaging one, we think you might want to look at this

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• It depends upon you in entirety which decoupaging material do you wish to use. • Decoupage can be done either by Decoupage Papers, Fabrics, Magazines Cutouts, Wrapping Papers, and Tissues etc. • Needless to say, the most appropriate medium would be Decoupage Papers – as they are specifically designed for this purpose. But, choice of Decoupage Medium entirely depends upon your needs and the function of that furniture.

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• You can also decorate the rims of Dressing Mirrors using this Technique. • You must be curious like many that can’t we decoupage with ‘normal papers’ or ‘normal craft papers’. • Answer is you can, but at the same time you should keep mind the rate of use, of the furniture piece you have chosen for decoupage.

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• It’s a wrong notion that Decoupaging is all about creating Collage or Patchworks. • One perfect example of minimal decoupage can be seen in the picture above. • This one is for those who think that beds, one of the biggest furniture of every home, can’t be decoupaged economically as they involve ample of time and resources. • If you want you can opt, to decoupage only the Head of the bed.

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• Besides the Chair above, you could also choose Stools, Couch Frames, and Rocking Chair etc for decoupaging. • To avoid an occurrence of any bubbles or creases during your Decoupage activity, you should apply Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer on both sides of the paper and let it dry. • Even after this if you see a bubble popping up, simply burst it with a pin. • And then, drip a small amount of Mod Podge into the pin-hole. Remove the excess by dabbing the spot lightly with a sponge or tissue and then press the same. • If the bubble continues to be visible, simply repeat the process.

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• Like the Drawer above even Glass Cabinets, Book Shelves, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Closets etc. could also be Decoupaged. • This way you can upcycle old Furniture pieces and/or you can invest in a plain Furniture piece, Decoupage the same and save your money, ultimately. • One secret or we should say one quality of good decoupaging is that, it doesn’t matter what design your Decoupage Paper bears, what matters is how use Colors of those designs, for creating your own. • You must create Color Palettes of Design, so that every Decoupage Paper’s camaraderie could be seen in your work. Scroll up and take a look at the Room Divider and Dressing Mirror Color Structure, it has been designed in such a way that every color seems related to each other.

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